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"We are demonstrations, you and I, of what is to come next: transcendence. Humanous luminous, a new breed of being ready to bless, heal, transform the very boundaries of time."

~Paul Goldman

"Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are."

~Julius Charles Hare

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."

~Glade Byron Addams

Astrology for February

February 2012

Happy February 2012

Happy Birthday Aquarius and Pisces Sun sign people;
but remember we all get to utilize this energy nomatter our sun sign,
we are all going to Be a little bit Pisces for the next

February is the 2nd month of a number 5 year making this month a 7 which is a magical SPIRITUAL number of AH HAHH I am finally getting it…and what are we getting this month? Perhaps if we look up from our daily task we shall discover that what we are GETTING IS that many of us are already THERE….We have arrived and now what to do with your talents, abilities and visions? We have struggled so long and hard that sometimes the arrival seems anti climactic and … now the dreams, visions, ideas which we create will TRULY BEGIN to come true..

January 20th through February 18th in the American Indian Tradition is called the REST AND CLEANSING MOON. IT is said that a silver cord that holds our souls to our body in energized during this time. Using silver, water, candles and anything, which aids your own internal perception and will help your emotions to flow properly works well during this time, what can it hurt and most of us surely need more energy don’t we?

MY New Year meditation brought powerless to me in power outages and so many other things that I had to laugh. Don’t we all say “GIVE ME A SIGN” well, what signs are you receiving now and are you recognizing them?

  • Colors for February are traditionally Silvers and blues for cleansing and clearing
  • Flowers are Snowdrops and wood anemone:
  • And the stones held sacred in ancient times were the Peridot and coral. And from Ancient times the Amethyst, and did you know this gemstone is used in the rings of catholic bishops? Generating the power from within is our task for right now..

AND as planets are only messengers or energies to bring powers to us, please use this months gifts to reflect, ponder and shift your mind and then watch your life follow. We are truly dreaming our lives and I kept getting “OUR Ideas, visions, what we say and think ARE SELF FULFILLING PROPHECIES” in meditations this month…

The world we have lived in shifts forever as on the 3rd of February 2012 Neptune enters her own sign of Pisces and we are now truly in the dream and what we need to remember with URANUS the planet of Change in Aries. WE can create the dream, we no longer have to live with what others envision for us…

On the 7th we have a WONDERFUL full moon, releasing energy .. And the next 2 weeks open us to Releasing and letting go of the past. This Is a time where we are given the energy of Heart centered Leo (fire and passion) with the mentally agile intellect of the moon in Aquarius (Air) to break old patterns and really connect with what is important to ourselves.

To make this process of letting go, rethinking and reconfiguring our lives, even easier for us to do we will have Saturn the planet of discipline and structure going retrograde on the 7th until June 25, 2012 in the sign of Libra, kind of taking off the brakes. Saturn tells us no, think about it, lets plan, and now with that full moon and the planet of what we desire, and how we get what we desire (Venus) going into Aries, the sign of self we seem launched already.

Everyone is looking for one date, one time and to say what it is all about. Please let me tell you, and believe me, this time is going to be as good or as bad as you believe and with Planet PLUTO being at the galactic center of the Universe in Capricorn we shall see Governments, finances and the way structure is created really change.

Sometimes we have to see the dark to turn on the light don't we? So, if you look around you at darkness and things you do not ant to see or feel? How about reaching for the light switch with prayer, meditation and for some, marching, protesting and signing petitions and helping be a major part of the changes which are coming.

As What is loosely termed a LIGHT worker, I see myself as not having the option of sitting and allowing someone else to turn on the light for me. I am willing to get up and even help others turn on the lights for themselves. Are you ready to be a Light turner on? I hope so, because my old legs are getting a bit tired and I can use some help. As all of us working for the Universal Light company are ready for some help. And for those of you out of a job out there, how about coming aboard the Universal Light company and really see the Great benefits we have.

The saying BE the change you want to see will become stronger and louder during the next 2 weeks as energies align to assist us to create. On the 13th as Mercury the planet of how we communicate moves to Pisces we are asked to DREAM the vision, feel it and then instead of lists and to do's maybe just open to what we FEEL like we need to do and do it.

With the sun in the sign of Aquarius until the 18th we are asked to ponder deeply the meaning of life and create new visions of ourselves and how we connect to others. On the 18th when the Sun enters the watery and psychic land of Pisces.. Those visions become much more real, and the ability to touch, smell, feel and really connect with more than you could dream possible becomes stronger. This energy will work in relationships, business and your inner world and is much more powerful this year than ever before...

Visions can be illusions but they are now and have always been the first step in all great creations, inventions and ideas about better living and easier life. Watch this Pisces energy as the Sun moves into Pisces and joins with Chiron and Neptune really begin to create some new ideas about health and healing and watch your imagination soar during this time.

The New moon or bringing in time on the 21st is in the sign of Pisces and again, we have a 2 week window where visions, dreams and the ability to create them come together. I have seen this already at work and Immediate results and you will hear lots more about this during the next year, so please subscribe to my daily reports at http://www.carolbarbeau.com

This is the month to remember that you are here on this planet as a direct response from a need this planet has. You are here for people, events, and to assist with your gifts, just your smile can change the world. Do not wait until you have that class, that degree, that whatever you think is important to begin your life work…. Begin now to answer the need which brought your soul to this planet. YOU are needed since there is just the ONE you isn’t there?

What is Aquarius? IT is the 11th sign of the zodiac and is about equality, freedom and choices. It is the energy which allows you to make the decision that just because the rest of the heard is jumping off the cliff that you DO not have to join them. IT is a fixed air sign and is about breaking old rules that No longer define who you are.

What is Pisces, it is Mutable Water, intuitive, psychic and driven by Neptune the planet which in our charts shows how we create visions. And now for the next 13 years Neptune in Pisces (Until March 2025 when Neptune enters Aires) this planet will not allow us any slack, what we envision is our life, what are you envisioning now? are you listening, watching, or helping the energy of fear, worry, fretting, and thinking about what you do not want to happen and helping the dark to grow, or are you Turning on the light for self and maybe others? WOW…and we are all gifted with Lots of this energy this month. Let’s use it and GO FOR THE GOLD within ourselves to respond to our life missions. This is not Mission Impossible but Mission Absolutely GOING to happen…so lets make it happen.:

Carol Barbeau

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