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"We are demonstrations, you and I, of what is to come next: transcendence. Humanous luminous, a new breed of being ready to bless, heal, transform the very boundaries of time."

~Paul Goldman

"Be what you are. This is the first step toward becoming better than you are."

~Julius Charles Hare

"Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."

~Glade Byron Addams


Intuitive Radio is a wonderful place to find up-and-coming intuitive counselors as well as get access to well-known psychics, mediums, healers, astrologers and more who often have long waiting periods for private readings.

Intuitive Radio with Internet streaming is gaining popularity and you can now virtually find an intuitive program 24/7 via your browser and a free audio player. These Internet stations feature various hosts including psychics, mediums, healers, intuitive coaching, afterlife researchers, paranormal experts, UFO gurus and more.

Most include a toll-free call in line for listeners to ask questions or get free mini-readings. Additionally, these stations often archive each program for future reference or to listen to previously recording shows (some are now moving to a paid subscription for archive access to help defer costs).  

Know of others missing from the list below? Please contact us and share!

Radio Stations

**BBS Radio**

Featured Hosts:
Alison Baughman, Visible by Numbers
Dr. Pat Baccili, Street Smart Spirituality
Dr. Rebecca Carley, What's Ailing America


Achieve Radio

Featured Hosts:
Donna Voll, Spirit Connections
Guy Finley, Life of Learning Foundation
Vincent J. Barra, Psychic Synapse

Contact Talk Radio

Featured Hosts:
Kerrie O' Connor, Master Visionary, Medium, Clairvoyant
Suzane Northrup, Trance Medium
Forever Family Foundation, Signs of Life Radio

Global Talk Radio

Shelley Kaehr, Ph.D, Beyond Reality
Rebecca Jernigan, Journeys with Rebecca
Fred Sterling, The Great Shift

Hay House Radio

Colette Baron-Reid, The Colette Baron-Reid Show
Dr. Wayne Dyer, Wayne Dyer's Inspiration
Doreen Virtue, PhD, Angel Therapy

Voice America - Health and Wellness

John Gray and Sherrie Nattrass, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Master Zhi Gang Sha, Power Healing
Karol K Truman, Consider the Possibilities...

7th Wave Network

Featured Hosts:
Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa, Higher Love
Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Take Charge of Your Life
Gabriel Cousens, Creating Peace by Being Peace

Planet Paranormal

Featured Hosts:
Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, Beyond Reality Radio
Elizabeth Bachner, The Indigo Window
Tim Ellis and Peter Franz, TAPS Family Radio

Unity FM

Featured Hosts:
Mindy Audlin, The Leading Edge
Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, Metaphysical Romp
Rev. Norma Rosado, Reclama tu poder interior

BlogTalkRadio "The social radio network"
BlogTalkRadio is a free tool created to give bloggers the opportunity to engage with their audiences live. There is an eclectic list of shows but not necessarily all ethical in nature.

Featured Hosts:
Nicole Whitney, Soul News
Karen Anderson, Divine Journeys
Walks with Thunder, He Said, She Said


Recommended Shows

News for the Soul

Nicole Whitney has made a huge name for herself as the host of News for the Soul. A journalist, artist, musician, vocalist, writer and single mom, Nicole was inspired to create a more empowering form of media service in January 1998, after the growing concern of many over the amount of negativity in mainstream news. She now holds the largest, totally free radio archive on the Web. Her down-to-earth style and positive intentions have won the hearts of over 30,000 dedicated listeners.


Various dates and locations, see site for complete info

Coast to Coast AM

Coast to Coast AM is one of the oldest and most-known radio programs covering all areas of metaphysics but gained its popularity through coverage of paranormal topics, primarily UFOs. It was the character, experience and excitement of Art Bell that skyrocketed Coast to Coast. Then in January of 2003, the great George Noory took the reins. As the premiere, live radio show, Coast to Coast will never disappoint. You can find the show on an affiliate station near you every night of the week from 10pm-2am Pacific/1am-5am Eastern.  NOTE: Coast to Coast is not broadcast on the Internet and podcasts are available by paid subscription only (as of 12/07 $6.95/month, $29.95/6 months, $54.95/year).

Hours: 10pm - 2am Pacific

1am-5am Eastern    

Beyond Reality Radio

Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, known for their hit SciFi Channel show, Ghosthunters, go unedited on their weekly radio show every Saturday night. The two-hour show often features well-known guests and hot paranormal topics. If you like edgy, this show is for you.


5pm-7pm Pacific

8pm-10pm Eastern

Spirit Connections with Donna Voll

Spirit Connections is a weekly journey investigating and sharing spiritual topics. We will help you become aware of how the spiritual worlds connect with us all daily, and how to safely access that guidance. Each week a variety of expert guests will share how they connect to spirit and enlighten us with their insights.

Every Tuesday

3pm-4pm Pacific

6pm-7pm Eastern