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Numerology for February 2012

From Alison Baughman

A Note from Alison...
Hello and Welcome to F

I have to say I am welcoming February with open arms. I was in a 4 Personal Month in January and was just buried in work! I truly appreciate all of my clients and am thankful that you give me the opportunity to give you insight on your Numerology each year. Hopefully this month brings a slower pace and shorter wait times for appointments.

Many of you are aware that I am an intuitive and I do receive a great deal of insight from prophetic dreams. Just the other day I was reading my dream journal from 2008 and realized much of what I dreamed about has come true. At the time you dream something , it may not make sense , however if you give it enough time, the message of your dream becomes clearer. I do encourage all of you to start a dream journal because sometimes we are too busy in our daily lives to tap into our spiritual
connection, but in the dream state, we are more open to receive. A dream journal is a wonderful way to record your dreams for future reference.

We can also set the intention as we are about to go to sleep to receive messages. Perhaps you are having a specific personal problem or are looking for direction in your life. Just ask to receive a message of guidance and you will be surprised at what you will receive.

Many people tell me that they do not remember their dreams but you can also ask to remember them.

Our personal lives can be hectic and often we are just trying to get through our daily routines. Our jobs provide the means to support ourselves in the physical world however we can not forget to support our emotional and spiritual body. By doing daily meditations, we can work on connecting to our soul essence and lend greater support to our spiritual and emotional self.

In these times of uncertainty, we can find our center and ground ourselves through the practice of meditation which will create a sense of peacefulness and calmness. Meditation can give you insight on so many levels. There is no right way or wrong way to meditate, only your way.

February is a month to create a little Zen in your life. Find your inner guru. Take some time to check in with yourself through meditation and dream journaling. Make it a daily practice and before long, you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Have an Abundantly Blessed M

If you are in a 1 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 3 PERSONAL MONTH for you: 

You should be smiling more often this month as things are starting to happen and you feel more optimistic about your future. You have a real opportunity this month to shine and people will find you to be irresistible.

I strongly suggest expressing yourself this month using your creative side to write or speak to others. This would be a good month to start a blog if you have been entertaining the idea. Communication in any form is enhanced. Also spend some time visualizing your future. Create pictures of it in your mind, write it down, and share your dreams with others. The energy of the 3 is perfect for manifestation. Having a positive attitude and believing good things can happen is a great combination for manifesting!

Social events are on the agenda this month so maybe it is time to shop for some new clothes and get a new hair cut. Romance is also in the air so I feel you will be in good company on Valentines Day. Laugh, have fun and enjoy because next month, lots of work is on the agenda.


If you are in a 2 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 4 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


A 2 Personal Year is going to require a great deal of patience as well as the ability to cooperate well with others. It is time to tone down your ego. This month will test your patience and diplomacy especially when it comes to your work environment. Be aware that you may have more work on your plate in February and it is the kind of work where paying attention to detail and being efficient is a must. You can't put it off or procrastinate and may even have to put in a little overtime which can make you a bit stressed. Approach every day and every person with a Zen attitude, tactful and cooperative and peaceful and February will go a lot smoother. You are going to have to follow the rules this month and work hard but applying yourself can actually bring some positive financial rewards. This would also be a good month to make up a plan to better manage your finances for the upcoming year. If you have any contracts to sign this month, word of caution, go over them with a fine tooth comb.

Romantically speaking, your Valentine may have to wait for you to come home late from the office before celebrating.

If you are in a 3 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 5 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


Well, aren't you charming this month? Valentines Day should be exciting. Romance and love is in the air and if single, I think you might meet somebody interesting and if committed, you should be feeling just a little bit "spicy". It is a perfect month to plan a romantic getaway. Travel is on the agenda. Not only does your inner child want to come out to play but your wild child is demanding your attention too. Be careful of being too impulsive or overindulging because this combination of numbers can spell trouble to some. For example, it could be something minor like wanting a change in appearance and coming back from the hairdressers with flaming red hair or major, like a not so "discreet" love affair.

Change is also on the agenda and sometimes it comes unexpected. Be ready to adapt and go with the flow because this month could get pretty interesting. Many people experience changes in their job situation, relationships and even in their residences in a 5 month. If you are looking for a job or a change in jobs, use this month wisely to send out resumes and network through your friends. Let your ideas be known and promote yourself.

Most importantly, it will be hard to plan things in February so expect the unexpected and you won't be surprised when it happens.

If you are in a 4 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 6 PERSONAL MONTH for you:

A 4 Personal Year brings an increased workload, career or not.It limits your freedom and creates circumstances where you have to work hard and remain disciplined. With February being a 6 Personal Month, you have to add in even more responsibilities. The good news is that with those additional responsibilities, comes a raise or an increase in finances.

February will also put emphasis on your family and friends. It is likely; you may have to sacrifice some of your time in the care and nurturing of them. Perhaps a loved one is in crisis or a family member is ill or there could just be many family gatherings planned for the month of February. Take time to not only give love but to receive love back and appreciate the blessings of your family.

You may decide to begin a home improvement project this month such as an update on a bathroom or new carpeting. This would be a good investment. You also may simply be in the mood to redecorate.

Most likely you will be spending Valentines Day in the company of your loved ones but if you happen to be single, go mingle! This month is a great month to find someone who could turn out to be a long term commitment.

If you are in a 5 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 7 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


When you enter a 5 Personal Year, you feel a great desire to make some changes in your life and by year's end, you will see a great deal of expansion in your life. You will have many opportunities this year to promote yourself and your ideas and doors will open in the months to come. February, however, slows things down just a bit. Time would be well spent this month, thinking things over, resting up a bit and listening to your inner guidance. Take the opportunity to give thought to your plans, do some research, think things through. If you have an opportunity to take a class or educate yourself in any way, February is a great month for that. Dreams and intuitions should be strong this month so pay attention.

Your vitality will be lower this month. More rest is needed. If you experience any health problems, they are most likely minor and temporary. Try implementing better eating and sleeping habits and consider a holistic approach to your health especially this month. Most of all do your meditations as you would benefit greatly from them.

Love may not be a priority for you this month but just the same, spend time with your Valentine.

If you are in a 6 PERSONAL YEAR, February is an 8 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


I hope cupid points his arrow in your direction because this month might just cause a bump or two in your relationship sector. It is time to communicate openly and truthfully to your loved ones and mend broken fences and heal from past hurts. This can be minor problems which won't take much fixing or, on the other hand, major issues that could even break up your relationship. If single, this month does present a wonderful opportunity to meet someone of significance so don't give up on Valentines Day just yet.

In your career sector, look for bright news. You will receive recognition for your hard work and there could be a promotion or financial gains. This will boost your confidence but be sure not to become too "full" of yourself.

If you are in a 7 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 9 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


Your 7 Year will a journey in self discovery as you will be doing a lot of inner work and soul growth. It isn't a time to force things but rather simply let them come to you. This month, you will find yourself especially reflective about your life and will be examining every aspect of it from career to relationships. You may begin to see that what was once right for you no longer fits in to who you have become. You may decide to distance yourself from people or things that you no longer feel comfortable with. You are especially insightful and you begin to see things more clearly to help you decide what to let go of. Dreams, intuitions and gut feelings are especially strong this month. Try journaling them and your feelings as well.

You may feel a stronger urge to reach out and help those less fortunate or use your energy to effectively make a change in the world. You might find yourself preoccupied with worldly events.

Deep soul searching is an inward journey and because of this, you may require more time spent alone with your thoughts. You have such important matters on your mind that everyday life may hold a little frustration for you. Be aware that your friends and loved ones may find you a bit distant this month and you may have to try harder to be patient with them.


If you are in an 8 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 1 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


This is your year.This year focuses on your career and finances.It is time to rise to the occasion and reap the rewards of all your hard work. There is great potential for gains with finances and stature this year but it does not mean you can rest on your laurels. This month brings you the opportunity to begin a project or start something new. It is important to set a goal to achieve this year and resolve to remain focused on that goal. You are likely to feel raring to go but I do suggest you give careful thought to your plans and avoid hasty decisions.

The 1 symbolizes being fearless, having confidence and being determined and you will have to tap into your inner warrior this month. It is likely that you will be fully supported by people around you, helping you to gain much needed confidence. There will be plenty of compliments to go around.

Romantically, it should be a good month if you can concentrate on your love life. Chances are, you are more focused on your career.

If you are in a 9 PERSONAL YEAR, February is a 2 PERSONAL MONTH for you:


Romantically speaking, this is a beautiful month to express your love. You are in-tuned to your lover and Valentines Day should be especially wonderful.

Speaking of in-tuned, this month heightens your psychic awareness so expect vivid dreams and strong intuitions. Pay attention because I assure you, it is not your imagination. Meditations should be profound and if you do not already meditate, it would be a great time to start.

Be aware that it is quite important to avoid any arguments or confrontations this month. Taking an aggressive stance will only cause you difficulties. If you have a reason to be upset, I suggest you wait until next month to confront someone. That does not mean you can not discuss your problems but you must do with tact and diplomacy and in the spirit of cooperation. Be willing to compromise

You may be feeling more sensitive and vulnerable this month. You could easily misunderstand someone's intentions and be hurt by them. Try to consider that perhaps that person did not mean to hurt you but rather did not realize what they said or did would hurt you. Be patient and understanding.

Seek out peaceful serene environments. Listen to some music and let it soothe your soul.